10 Ways to Meet New People
Making New Friends Becomes Natural When Combined With Activities You Enjoy

Leisure Pursuits

In the past, science often overlooked the importance of friendships; however, recent studies have shown that friendships play key roles in health, happiness and longevity.

Whether your goal is dating or just finding like-minded individuals to spend time with, meeting new people can be fun and happen naturally when you combine it with other rewarding activities that you enjoy. Be sure to check with your physician prior to starting any new physical activity,

Here are 10 options for getting out and meeting new people:

1)      Join a club. Bridge clubs, singles clubs, business clubs, gardening clubs, chess clubs, biking clubs – there are literally clubs for every interest nowadays. Try out a club or two. If it’s not for you, try another!

2)      Get involved with your local church or place of worship. If you’re a religious person, joining a local place of worship can provide a great sense of community and offer many opportunities to get involved and meet like-minded individuals, from social groups to bible study groups, to volunteer opportunities and many others. If you don’t already have a place of worship but are interested in finding one, it’s perfectly acceptable to go and visit, talk with the leaders or members, or just listen to a sermon to see if it’s the right place for you.

3)      Go dancing. If you enjoy dancing, even if you’re an amateur at it, going dancing can be a great way to meet people, have fun and exercise.

4)      Volunteer. The different ways you can get involved and volunteer are virtually endless – from helping seniors, adults or children in need, to helping animals, or serving as an educator and more. By volunteering, you’ll not only meet other caring individuals, you’ll gain a sense of purpose and accomplishment at having given back to the community.

5)      Join a walking group. Walking is a great way to exercise, and walking groups provide motivation and ample time to chat while getting to know each other.

6)      Take a class. Local community colleges, community centers and adult education programs all offer continuing education classes. These classes provide the chance to learn something new – like a language, musical instrument or fitness – and get to know other locals with similar interests.

7)      Consider joining a dating site. If you are single and interested in dating, there may be a dating site out there that can help you, just make sure to do your research before signing up.

8)      Adopt a dog. While meeting new people shouldn’t be your main motivation for getting a pet, if you’ve been considering adding a dog to your life, taking your dog places can indeed be a great way to meet people and start conversations.

9)      Join a team. If you enjoy sports and competing, find an adult league or team near you. There are adult and community teams for virtually every sport, from bowling and lawn bowling to softball, soccer and more.

10)  Take a group travel tour. Traveling in a group can take much of the stress out of planning a trip and be a great way to meet new people and make friends.

Friendships are indeed important, and making new friends becomes natural when you’re doing things you enjoy.


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