20+ New & Exciting Things to Do In 2020

Leisure Pursuits

It’s a brand-new year, brimming with possibility

Too often we start the New Year focused on the negative, resolving to change bad habits or behaviors in hopes of having a happier year ahead. This year, why not start off on a positive note, focusing on enjoyment. Here are 20+ ideas for fun things to do, see and try in 2020.

Activist taking care of environment, sorting paper waste to proper recycling bin on terrace

Things to do and places to see

  • Visit a local museum; you may be able to take advantage of discounted admission prices.
  • Take a stroll or drive in a state or national park; many parks offer discounted or free admission.
  • Attend a community theater performance or concert; explore an art form you’re not familiar with, like a dance performance or poetry reading if you usually attend concerts.
  • Attend a local fair or festival, and celebrate hometown pride.
  • Be a tourist in your own town and see the sights. Check a current visitor guide for new attractions.

Healthy habits

  • Adopt a new healthy habit. Accentuate the positive by adding a “good for you” habit to your routine.
  • De-clutter to de-stress. Start a box of donatable items and enjoy having more order and space.
  • Embrace an Earth-friendly practice. Little changes make a big difference. Consider using less plastic, taking your own bag to the grocery store, or picking up litter on your walk.
  • Take time to unplug once per month or once per week – no Internet, no phone, no television. If you feel the need to stay current, get your news from the paper instead.
  • Set a daily step goal. Up your steps a bit to get some additional movement into each day.

Community and friendship

  • Volunteer at a community organization or school. So many organizations rely on volunteer help. Read to a kindergartener, walk a shelter pup, or snuggle a newborn at your local hospital.
  • Reach out and make friends with someone new. Is there a new resident in your building or a new family down the block? Take the first step and say “hi” to help them feel at home.
  • Connect with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Busy days make it easy to take our oldest, dearest friends for granted. Rekindle a friendship and get the conversation going again.
  • Host a themed dinner. Think murder mystery, a place in time, or a country with fabulous food. Invite your guests to dress the part, and to bring themed snacks or a dish to share.
  • Start a club that meets regularly. It could be a book club, craft club, recipe exchange or the like. Any reason to get together on a regular schedule gives everyone something to look forward to.

Enjoy the finer things

  • Treat yourself to a quick wellness or beauty treatment like an express facial or foot massage.
  • Buy yourself flowers, just because. Flowers are the perfect pick-me-up for grey winter days.
  • Look for treasure in your local thrift store – maybe a charming little vase for those flowers?
  • Enjoy a drink and a snack at a swanky restaurant. No need to run up a big tab; go for happy hour and feel like a big spender for less.
  • Spring for luxe gloves or socks, and give your hands or feet a little treat.

Expand your horizons

  • Try a food you’ve never tried before. No time like the present to order or prepare a new dish!
  • Try out a new technology. Learn how to upload and share photos from your phone; teach yourself or get help downloading an app that will let you enjoy podcasts, music and more.
  • Take a community education class. Low-cost classes at a local school or community center are perfect for learning something new, or brushing up on a little-used skill like a foreign language.
  • Read something or someone new. If you’re a fiction fan, try nonfiction in the form of a memoir. If you lean toward non-fiction, branch out with a fictional treatment of real events.
  • Grow a new type of plant. Annuals are lower-cost way to experiment with a new look in your garden. If you’ve never grown herbs or other edibles, a little kitchen garden might be worth a try.
  • Follow a team and celebrate (or commiserate!) Choose a far-flung football team from Europe, an underdog in the upcoming college basketball championships, or your hometown’s high school team. Follow your team on television or online, or go to the game and cheer them on from the bleachers.

Print the (list) provided here and commit to having two new experiences each month in 2020!