2017 Cruise Destinations
Going Beyond the Typical Tropical Retreat

Leisure Pursuits

yellow-land-crab-in-cubavIf you’re considering a cruise this year and haven’t chosen a destination yet, there are a number of 2017 destinations to consider beyond the typical tropical retreat. From new destinations in Cuba to food and wine cruises around the globe, here are some ideas and inspiration for this year’s cruise planning.


In 2017 many cruise lines will begin offering cruises to Cuba, allowing Americans to visit Havana and other popular Cuban port destinations for the first time in over 50 years. If you’re looking to be one of the first to embark on an all new adventure, Cuba might be the perfect destination for you! Each cruise offers a variety of excursions depending on your port. Cuba is home to many beautiful beaches, but you’ll want to experience its offerings in art, food, music and culture to fully appreciate the trip.


Though only available during a limited window between November and March, a cruise to Antarctica offers the unique opportunity to see penguin colonies in their native habitat and see glacier cliffs and icebergs up close. Though more costly, an Antarctica cruise is a great getaway offering a once in a lifetime experience.


European river cruises offer travelers a number of unique experiences to choose from. Experience France and it’s cuisine aboard a French river cruise, taste some of Italy’s finest wines and visit Tuscan vineyards, or take a scenic trip down the Danube. Looking for a festive getaway later in the year? Consider cruises that visit some of Europe’s famous holiday markets.


Alaska is America’s last frontier and a popular cruise destination. The largest of America’s 50 states, Alaska offers numerous opportunities to explore its beautiful landscapes, experience wildlife, and so much more. With two distinct cruising areas in the state, you are bound to find an Alaskan cruise itinerary that’s right for you.

There is an entire world to be explored and many destinations offer cruises for travelers. These are just a few of the many wonders that are available to travelers in 2017. Where will your cruising escape take you?