6 Heartfelt Ways to Say Thank You

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November is National Caregiver Appreciation Month, and the perfect time to express gratitude for those who do so much to make others feel safe, comfortable and cared for.

If you or someone you know is struggling to find just the right way to say “thanks”, here are six easy and heartfelt ideas that will help express appreciation.

Write a thank you note

So few people put pen to paper anymore, that a handwritten thank you note is truly a gift. The note doesn’t have to be long, detailed, or flowery – just a few lines that express thankfulness and gratitude for the caregiver’s time and care will do. And if writing is difficult, no one will ever be faulted for simply saying “thank you” too many times.

This is an especially nice idea if the caregiver is typically in charge or meal preparation and clean up. Ordering takeout from a local restaurant provides a break for the caregiver, and provides an opportunity to sit and enjoy each other’s company outside the usual routine.

Buying or gathering flowers

Flowers are a time-tested way to express gratitude and appreciation. Order from a local florist and have the flowers delivered directly to the caregiver’s home. This is especially thoughtful around the holidays when the caregiver may also be entertaining family or simply decorating in the spirit of the season. Or, if the person being cared for has a garden, consider gathering flowers an creating a personalized arrangement by hand. Either way, flowers are a beautiful way to say thank you.

Make homemade treats

If the person receiving care is able to cook or bake, there’s nothing quite like homemade bars, cookies, or similar sweet treats to show appreciation. Consider making extra so the caregiver and person receiving care can sit an enjoy a cup of coffee or tea together along with a treat.

Craft a simple gift

Crocheted and knitted gifts are a lovely way to express gratitude, and need not be large or fancy to be appreciated. A knit headband or simple scarf are perfect to express warm feelings of thanks. The important thing is the time spent on creating something personal for a very important person.

For professional caregivers

A holiday bonus is always a welcome expression of appreciation, as is a mention to their supervisor about a job well done. You never know if your words of gratitude may have an even greater impact when heard by the caregiver’s manager or employer.

Saying “thank you” doesn’t require any time or effort at all. This November make sure to remember all the caregivers in your life and let them know how much their time and talents are appreciated.