A Date Like No Other
Discover 10 one-of-a-kind date ideas for Valentine’s Day or any time you choose.

Leisure Pursuits

18736487_mTired of the old dinner and a movie date night? Trying new things is not only good for you  – it’s also good for your next date!

Here are 10 fun ideas:

1) Watch the sun rise. Forget sunset – change things up by watching the sun rise instead. Pick a great vantage point, bring a warm blanket, and enjoy the world before it wakes up. Afterward, head out to a leisurely breakfast.

2) See a band you’ve never heard of before. Look online and in the paper to see what bands are playing locally, then pick a new one and head out to dance – or listen and watch – the night away.

3) Take a class in something neither of you know anything about. It could be cooking, swing dancing, ceramics, writing poetry – the possibilities are truly endless. You can find classes through adult education and community centers, or through local businesses.

4) Be a tourist in your own town. Take a guided bus or trolley tour, a walking tour or visit historic sites and other landmarks as a tourist would. You’ll likely experience your town in a new way and learn things you never knew. Remember to bring a camera.21258978_m

5) Paint en plein air. Plein air painters paint what they see outdoors. Pick up some supplies (at the dollar store if you’re on a budget), find a pretty location and paint away. You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy this creative outlet.

6) Pretend you’re 20. Think about what the 20-somethings are doing for their date night and give it a try – could be beer tasting, clubbing or seeing an alternative band or movie.

7) Get physical with an outdoor adventure. If your doctors have cleared you for such physical activity, try something new outdoors, such as zip-lining, canoeing, archery, horseback riding or dozens of other adventures.

8) Book a couples’ massage. Nothing says romance like a couples’ massage. You can splurge at a hotel spa and enjoy the spa amenities for the day, or save money by booking a masseuse in the comfort of your home.

9) Be a kid again at the park. Stop by the dollar store for kites and maybe even a hula hoop or Frisbee. Then hit up a specialty store for some picnic items you’ve never tried before. Fly the kites, swing on the swings, slide down the slide, walk, bird watch, and enjoy a picnic.

10) Write a wish list of things you want to do in your life and then do one thing from each person’s list. You can write your lists together over brunch, then head out try an activity or even book it as your next date!

Many couples find that a weekly date night keeps romance alive through the years. With a little imagination, dates don’t have to be expensive to make lasting memories. Get creative and most of all: have fun!


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