America’s Great Outdoors Month
Discover five wonderful ways to enjoy the outdoors this summer.

Leisure Pursuits

33552326_mJune is America’s Great Outdoors Month, and summer is the perfect time to take advantage of all of nature’s beauty. While the weather is fine, try these five outdoor activities with your family!

1. Fishing: Fly fishing, freshwater, saltwater and more – whether you live near a lake, stream or the ocean, the opportunity to fish is never far off. Fishing is a wonderful multi-generational activity for all ages and a skill that’s often passed from one generation to the next. aims to be a one-stop resource for everything fishing, from info on state fishing licenses and regulations, to articles and videos on how to fish.

2. Glamping (or fancy camping): Camping doesn’t have to mean roughing it. From deluxe tents with comfy air mattresses, to fancy RVs or rented cabins, you can enjoy nature with your family without sleeping on the hard ground or foregoing a warm shower. State and national parks are great places to camp, and there are also many private campgrounds. Reserve America is the nation’s largest provider of campsite reservations.

3. Stargazing: Stargazing is another activity that can be fun for all ages. Whether you view the night sky with the naked eye,, a home telescope, or at your local planetarium or observatory, it’s fun to take a deeper look at the stars, nebulae and distant galaxies. Learn stargazing basics here.


4. Hiking: Perhaps the easiest way to enjoy nature with your family is through a hike or nature walk. Many local state and national parks also offer guided walks and hikes to learn more about the area plants and animals. If you’re a bird watcher, bring along your guide and binoculars. Click here for additional resources on finding great trails that fit your ability.

5. Gardening: If you have a yard or even a terrace garden, you can enjoy the great outdoors close to home as well. Many people find getting their hands dirty planting, weeding and pruning to be relaxing and rewarding. Enlist the younger generation to help you plant and harvest – prepare edibles for eating or make flower arrangements.

However you plan to enjoy Great Outdoors Month, it’s bound to pay off. Getting outside is good for your health and a great way to spend time with family! Visit the resource links below to learn more.


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