Avoid a Tumble this Winter

Health & Well Being

If wintertime where you live means snow and ice — and slippery walking surfaces — you’ll want to take precautions to avoid a nasty spill.

Snow and ice can make slipping and falling more likely to occur. Even a short walk to the mailbox can end in a fall. Use these winter-wise tips to help stay safe:

Clear walkways. Remove snow and ice from driveways and walkways. Or hire someone to do this for you. If you choose to remove the snow yourself, be sure to:

  • Ask your doctor if shoveling is safe for you. It may strain the heart.
  • Push the snow with your shovel instead of lifting it.
  • Shovel often — it’s easier to remove fresh snow before it piles up.
  • Slow down and take breaks.

Stock up on sand, rock salt or deicer. Use it to keep walkways, driveways, steps and patios ice-free and to add traction.

Wear the right shoes. Speaking of traction, wear winter boots or shoes with rubber, nonslip soles.

Walk like a penguin. Try to steer clear of icy paths. But if you must walk in places that could be icy, stay flat-footed: With your arms out for balance, take small steps or shuffle your feet until you’re in the clear.

Home, safe home

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