Avoid Falls Around your Pets

Health & Well Being

Owning a pet can be joyful. Talk about loyal companions! There’s also evidence that spending time with a furry pal may help protect against stress, loneliness, high blood pressure and more. On the downside, being around a pet may raise your risk of falling.

A pet could get under your feet, tug on its leash or knock you down. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep a pet if you’re worried about falling. To help enjoy your pet pal safely:

Pick up pet toys. Keep the floors where you walk clear of chew toys, pet beds and other tripping hazards.

Sound off. Put a bell and collar on your pet to keep track of when it’s near your legs.

Keep pets away from risky areas. Some pet owners use baby gates to keep dogs out of high-traffic areas — like stairways and kitchens — where they’re often on their feet.

Down, Spot! Try to teach your pet not to jump on you, walk in front of you or pull on its leash. Consider taking your dog to obedience school to learn these things.

Being careful with your pet is just one precaution worth taking. Talk to your doctor about other ways you can lower your risk for a fall.

Choose the perfect pal

If you’re considering buying a pet, think about choosing one you can easily control. Here are more ideas on how to pick a pet that’s right for you.