Bargain Hunting!
Save Money on Everything from Furniture to Clothes and Sporting Goods

Money Matters

Bargain hunting can take a little extra time and effort, but could help save hundreds of dollars. Many people think of it like a sport and enjoy bargain hunting with friends or family, and like to share their stories of finding those amazing deals!

If you’d like to give bargain hunting a shot, here are a few key places to start:

  • Coupons and discounts: From coupons you clip out of the paper or print off the Internet, to 55-plus discounts and membership privileges, being aware of the savings available can mean more dollars in the bank or your pocket. One example is your AARP Member Benefits. AARP membership entitles you to a host of discounts and savings on everything from travel to consumer products and  even event tickets. Browse the membership benefits page regularly to keep abreast of the latest offers. Don’t be shy about asking your favorite retailers about discounts or coupons either.
  • Shopping online: The Internet has turned into a giant garage sale. From the big nationwide players that sell items new, used or at auction, to sites that let you search locally for things for sale by owner, you can find virtually everything online. Just make sure to check the sites’ scam and fraud warnings so that you can shop safely. Also read these cautions for online sellers, many of which apply to buyers as well, such as never going to a stranger’s house alone.

  • Yard sales: Yard sales are not a thing of the past and are still some of the best places to find amazing bargains, but they can mean a lot of driving. If you decide to give them a try, check listings in local papers and online for upcoming yard and garage sales: Many of these postings list what type of items they’re offering at their sale. Then you can map your route to hit several yard sales in one day.
  • Thrift stores: Thrift stores are a great place to shop for everything from clothes to furniture and household items. Check out a few in your area to find the ones you like best. You’ll discover some thrift stores display items so it’s easier to shop, or they have more of the merchandise and the prices you’re interested in. There’s nothing wrong with buying used, plus it’s good for the environment, as items are “recycled!”
  • Consignment stores: Similar to thrift stores but often more choosy, there are consignment shops that specialize in clothing, sporting goods and children’s items. While they usually aren’t as cheap as a thrift store, prices are less than buying new, and they often carry high-quality or name brand merchandise. They can also be good places to sell your unwanted but undamaged items, as a percentage of each sale is passed back to the seller.

Saving money on the things you want or need can be fun. Find the bargain hunting methods that fit best with your needs and lifestyle, then reap the rewards.


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