Best Places to Go Camping and How to Stay Safe

Leisure Pursuits

With the hustle and bustle of life constantly surrounding you, it is always a joy to escape to the great outdoors. With the opportunity to relax, reflect, and restore, spending time amongst nature gives a revitalizing feel like noBeautiful Mountain and Lake other vacation experience. But, as most things in life, there is a caveat. In all its beauty, nature is unpredictable, therefore, it is important that you are prepared and know how to stay safe.

Here are some great places you may want to visit:

Yosemite National Park – Northern California

Between the rushing waterfalls by day and the endless stars by night, there is no shortage of beauty within Yosemite’s vast national park. This scenic area provides tons to see, all within a condensed space. The community offers guided tours, outdoor workshops, fishing, and best of all, some of the most spectacular views in the country.

Stay Safe in Yosemite: Stay on the trails! Hiking off the trails puts you in danger of getting lost, causing injury, or both. Be sure to always pack an excess of water, rain gear, warm clothes, and a compass in case the weather unexpectedly turns on you or your hike turns out to be more of a trek than expected.

Arches National Park – Southeast Utah

Referred to as the “windows to the sky,” Arches National Park provides breathtaking natural archways that give view to gloriously blue skies. Over 2,000 natural sandstone arches, there is no shortage of astounding views throughout the park. This national park offers incredible easy day hikes, or for those more adept, plenty of challenging backpacking trails.

Stay Safe at Arches: During the summer, Arches experiences HOT weather with intense sunlight and low humidity. Be prepared! Plenty of water and a wide brimmed hat are essentials in the terrain. Plan your hikes around the sun and take your outings in the morning or around dusk.

Rock Island State Park – Central Tennessee

Tent in the SunSituated in central Tennessee near the Caney Fork River Gorge, Rock Island is a year-round river oasis. Endless scenic overlooks and breathtaking limestone paths makes for endless opportunities for hiking, fishing and exploring. Professional freestyle kayakers gather here and sail down the whitewater rapids, providing a show of athleticism that few can compare. Take your pick of the sixty campsites situated around Rock Island, or rest easy in one of the ten year-round cabins.

Stay Safe at Rock Island: Whitewater rapids are strong. Swimming or wading is never permitted downstream. Be sure to be aware of your surroundings, and do not enter heavy flowing water under any circumstances.