Celebrate National Mutt Day!
Discover fun ways to spend time with your furry friends.

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11733143_mDec. 2 is National Mutt Day! If you have a mutt you love, try one (or all) of these 10 fun ways to celebrate! If you’re dog-free, consider helping one of the 6 to 8 million dogs and cats that enter the shelters each year. You can volunteer, adopt, donate or foster.

10 Fun Things to Do With Dogs

  1. Take them to the park. Dogs love new sights and smells. Instead of walking your same neighborhood route, go to the park. You can even try a new park each week, assuming there are several within driving distance. In addition to taking a walk, use the new location to practice your training, such as leash walking, sitting and staying. If your dog has mastered these tasks at home, a park is a good way to add to their skills with greater distractions.
  2. Go for a hike. Just as dogs love the park, a hike is even more exciting for many dogs, as the smells of nature entice his or her senses! Check out this blog post for handy walking and hiking tips.
  3. Dine out together. Yes indeed, many restaurants welcome well-behaved dogs on their outdoor patios, and lots of furry friends enjoy accompanying their masters on lunch dates.
  4. Take them camping or on a vacation. More and more pet owners are choosing to take their pets along for the ride rather than placing them in boarding during a vacation. Click here for more information on pet-friendly places to go.
  5. Visit the local dog park. Dog parks are not for all dogs, but if your dog enjoys the company of other canines, a visit to the local dog park can be a great way for them to play and socialize. You may even make new friends yourself!13982957_m
  6. Bake them treats. A great way to celebrate National Mutt Day is to make your furry friend – or the local rescue dogs – a homemade treat! Find a plethora of dog-friendly recipes online, including sites like Pinterest. Not into baking? Visit your local dog bakery for a special gift!
  7. Play in the yard. When you can’t get out and about, schedule a play date in the yard. Enjoy traditional games such as fetch or tug-o-war, or try some agility moves or canine nose work. These activities can be great for the play yard if you volunteer at the local shelter.
  8. Have some indoor fun. When the weather is bad, help stimulate your dog’s mind and body with some indoor play. From hide-and-seek to food puzzles and toys, try these 10 fun ways to play inside. Food puzzles and toys are also great gifts for shelter dogs!
  9. Give them a spa day. All dogs require regular bathing and some type of grooming. Whether your budget allows for a doggie “spa” day at a canine salon, or whether you want to recreate the experience at home, taking time to bathe and groom your pet is a great way to spend time with them – and your dog will smell better and likely be more comfortable afterwards! You can also ask if you can help groom local rescue dogs to make them extra appealing to potential adopters.
  10. Teach them fun tricks. National Mutt Day is also a great time for some canine education. Try these tips from trainer Jessica Wheatcraft.

Whatever way you choose to celebrate, your canine companion will be glad for the time spent together.


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