Celebrate Your New Years on a Budget
Whether you want to spend time with friends, family or your special someone, these ideas offer something for everyone.

Money Matters

4646082_mNew Year’s Eve is fast approaching. Maybe this year it’s time to mix up your usual routine and try something new. Whether you’re looking for romance, or to spend time with friends or family, here are five ideas for ringing in the New Year that can fit virtually any budget.

  1. Throw a party. If you’re one of the many who feel the New Year deserves a party, you can remain safely at home and let friends and family come to you. You don’t need to spend excessive amounts on your New Year’s party Create a budget and commit to it. If you plan ahead, you can purchase decorations this year for next year, or just create a mood by lighting candles and lowering the lights. You can even create your own decorations for a themed New Year’s bash. For budget party food ideas, check out the links below.
  2. Plan a game night with family or friends. A game night is perfect for a group of friends or family of all ages.,. Whether it’s board games or card games, ask everyone to bring their favorite. If you’re expecting a large party of guests, create areas where different games can be played at the same time, such as the kitchen area or around a large coffee table in the living room. You can even ask everyone to bring a finger food item to share.5835713_m
  3. Have a sleepover for the grandkids. If you have grandchildren and want to spend time with them, let their parents have a night off and throw a mini party for the children at your house. Kids will often enjoy versions of adult celebrations, such as watching the ball drop in Times Square on television, using noisemakers and toasting with sparkling apple cider.
  4. Go on a staycation or mini vacation. For those looking to celebrate by spending the New Years away, consider a staycation or mini vacation. To save money, look for places you can drive to, watch for special last-minute rates, or check out these New Year’s bargains.
  5. Enjoy a romantic night in. Those seeking romance on New Years can consider a romantic night in. The trick is to make it special. Try a romantic recipe you’ve never tried before. Set the mood by lighting candles, pulling out the tablecloth, or playing soft music in the background.  And don’t forget to plan for something after dinner, such as a romantic movie or an intimate fire-side chat.


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