Clean Up, Work Out, and Have Fun
Four Tricks to Getting Your Body and House in Shape

Health & Well Being

long beige carpet cleaning with a vacuum cleanerDid you know that you can burn about 245 calories by cleaning your house for one hour? And that’s just the average. By incorporating the tips below, you can make cleaning a new, fun way to burn even more calories. Read on for some ways to turn your household chores into a workout session you’ll look forward to.

Music. Fun, loud music. Studies have shown that music may enhance the performance of certain exercises. And just about everybody loves music. So whatever jam gets you up, grooving, and ready to move, play it while you clean. Whether it motivates you to keep going, or inspires some impromptu dancing amidst a bit of dusting, music can boost any activity. Throw on some tunes and let your feet take it away.

Merge popular at-home exercises with housecleaning action. As you clean, you know that the movements can get a bit monotonous … Wipe. Push. Pull. Repeat. But if you incorporate some exercise movements into your cleaning, you could be on your way to a new routine. For example, combine vacuuming and lunging to create an effective cleaning and calorie-burning hybrid. Try curling soup cans or water bottles while putting away groceries, or even doing some squats while picking up misplaced items. Come up with some creative ways to link cleaning and exercising, and don’t be afraid to switch things up and try new routines.

cleaning stuff on white backgroundWatch the clock. There are a few effective ways that a simple timer can help you create a fun atmosphere for your new workout. First, try timing an activity (the vacuum lunges mentioned above, for example) to see how long it takes you to finish. Write down your time and try to beat it. How much can you improve next time or the time after that? Second, set a timer for 10 or 15 minutes and keep it on you. Each time it goes off, quit what you’re doing and move on to another activity on the other side of your home. Alternatively, you could do a quick stretch or workout routine before returning to the cleaning. Reset the timer and repeat.

Treat yourself. Few things motivate an action like the reward of a special treat. Whether that means a healthy snack, new exercise clothes, or even indulging in a favorite hobby, allow yourself to enjoy something upon completion of your workout/cleaning experience. Set some goals ahead of time (how many rooms you’ll clean, how long you’ll work out, a particular time you’d like to finish by) and decide what your indulgence will be if you make that goal. No cheating! It only works if you push yourself to meet the goals you set.

Now, of course, before you try any new physical activity, it’s important to check with your physician to ensure it’s right for you. Once you’ve talked it over, have some fun and switch things up from time to time. Enjoy your workout and sparkly clean home!