Cutting Favorite Recipes Down to Size

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With fewer large holiday gatherings happening this year, you may be wondering how best to pare down a favorite family recipe for just one or two people to enjoy. University food scientists have come up with a brilliant solution, providing these easy-to-follow measurements for cutting a recipe in half or in thirds by adjusting the amount of individual ingredients.

While some multi-serving dishes taste great a day or two after cooking, others don’t hold up as well. Cooking just what you need minimizes the chance of food waste and can help you save money by using less of whatever ingredients the original recipe calls for.

For baked goods, it’s often best to make the recipe as originally written, and freeze what you don’t use right away. Soups, stews, and many side dishes are more forgiving and lend themselves well to freezing. Be sure to cool all cooked foods completely before covering tightly and storing in freezer safe bags or containers.

There’s no need to miss out on your traditional favorite recipes just because you’re not cooking for a crowd. Use these measurement guidelines to create right-size versions on the dishes you’ve always enjoyed during the holidays.

conversion chart for how to cut a recipe in half.

conversion chart for how to cut a recipe into thirds.