Decorating on a Dime
Give your interior a new look without over-spending.

Money Matters

5297341_mDoes the new year have you yearning for a new look for your home?

 If you have the urge to spruce up your surroundings but you can’t or don’t want to spend much on the makeover, here are five ways to redecorate without breaking the bank.

 But first, these are a few tips to consider while planning your project to ensure a smooth process and budget-friendly results:

1) Tackle one room at a time.

2) Decide what the room’s main purpose is so that you can decorate and furnish with that in mind.

3) Determine which pieces you want to replace in the room or what items you might want to add.

5) Trust your instincts and only buy what you love.

Accent and Accessorize

Sometimes changing the whole look of a room can be as simple as removing clutter and adding a new color of paint or a mass of throw pillows.

Check out “10 Tips for Picking Paint Colors” from HGTV.

If you have throw pillows, but you want to change the pattern or color, visit the “Re-cover Pillows” page from Pinterest for some ideas.

Buy Used

Used items can allow you to redecorate for pennies on the dollar. You can often find great bargains on used items at  garage sales, thrift stores, consignment stores and  online.

“I recently found a fantastic wicker ottoman at a garage sale for $5 dollars,” shares Sandra Giedeman, a poet living in Southern California. “It would have been much more expensive in a department store.”

Refinish or Repurpose

Refinishing and repurposing is another great way to enhance a room’s look without spending much money. You can tackle items you already own, or buy used items.

“I decorate on a budget by going to garage sales and thrift shops. That’s where I find treasures that I can repaint or re-cover,” Sandra says.

 Used wood furniture can be refinished to restore the item to its former glory. Or, use paint to give it a new, colorful look. You can also add stencils or wallpaper to enhance your new creation.

Even metal furniture can be refinished and restored.

Couches and chairs can be reupholstered, and you can even do it yourself!26101486_m

Read “The Art of Upcycling” blog for ideas on repurposing items around your house.

Make it Yourself

Depending on your skill set and time available, you can even make custom pillows, throws, rugs, wall art, tables and other decor for your home. Get crafty and get creative!

Shop Discount Stores

Shopping the home section of your local designer brand discount store can be a great way to find lower-priced new items.

Even the dollar store can be a place of inspiration. Check out Pinterest’s “Dollar Store Decorating” page for ideas.

Click on the links throughout this blog for how-to directions, tips and inspiration. With a little elbow grease and a little cash, your home will have a new look for the new year!


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