DIY Custom Cookbooks
Create your own cookbook in honor of National Cookbook Month!

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37361961_mDo you have handwritten family recipes stashed here and there? Or perhaps they’re in your head, or you’ve been meaning to ask your relatives to write them down. October is National Cookbook Month, the perfect time to gain inspiration for creating a cookbook to use in your home, to share with family members, to give as gifts, or to pass down to future generations.

Working on a family cookbook with children, grandchildren and other family members is a great way to spend time together. Here are a few options to consider.


Using scrapbook materials and three-ring binders is a great way to customize and beautify your personal cookbook. For example, slip patterned paper with a name insert in a binder’s clear cover holder. Patterned paper can be used inside as well, or you can use cookbook printables. You can even add photos of family members who contributed the recipes. Old family photos make a great addition. Tabbed dividers allow you to organize the book by category, such as main dishes and desserts. Binders also allow you and other family members to add to the book over the years. has many examples for inspiration.

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If you prefer your cookbook to look more like a book or plan to give several as gifts or keepsakes, consider a printed book from sites such as Create My Cookbook, Heritage Cookbook, Shutterfly and many others, which make it easy to create an attractive recipe book complete with graphics and photos. You can print exactly the number of copies you need. With the holidays ahead, printed cookbooks make the perfect gift.


Although not meant as a keepsake, apps for your smartphone or tablet are a convenient way to store, organize and access recipes you personally use regularly. Several apps allow you to upload family recipes as well as recipes you find online, putting all of your favorites into one place. Some apps even help you use leftovers, offer video instructions, create shopping lists, search by ingredient and more.

With tastes and smells that bring back memories – and create new ones – cooking is an integral part of life. Saving those memories in a cookbook is the best way to recreate them time and again.


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