Easy Dinner Recipes
Three New Meals for Your Rotation


barbecue maple glazed salmon with fresh saladWhen you dine out, there is often a tendency to consume more than normal. Some experts say portions at restaurants can be up to three times larger than what is recommended. With a few more quick and healthy meals to add to your rotation, you’ll be whipping up nutritious dinners every night of the week, while saving calories and money. Try out these easy recipes to get started!

Salmon is full of healthy fats that can actually help improve mental functioning. According to this recent study, eating fish just once per week can provide protective benefits to the brain as you get older. Make this simply delicious salmon for dinner with a side salad for a recipe that’s sure to be a hit.

Simple Salmon Recipe

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Bring a healthier twist to one of the best comfort foods: meatloaf. This recipe uses turkey, instead of ground beef to make this meal a little more heart healthy. Try serving it with a baked sweet potato or steamed vegetables. It may even become your new favorite home-cooked meal.

Turkey Meatloaf Recipe

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portrait of smiling senior man holding spoon to taste foodIf you’re on a vegetarian diet, you’ll love this mini eggplant pizza recipe. By using eggplant in the place of regular pizza crust, you will consume less carbs and you’ll be getting an extra serving of vegetables instead! Plus, it’s delicious so give it a try.



Mini Eggplant Pizza Recipe

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Try learning just one of these simple dinner ideas each week for the next three weeks. Practice them until they become easy to make and you can recall the recipes easily. Before you know it, you’ll have a brand new dinner rotation ready to impress your guests!