Exercise With Friends and Family!
Stay motivated by utilizing the buddy system and these seven ways to workout.

Health & Well Being

4499241_mStaying active is part of the “Go Long” way of life. Following a doctor-approved fitness regime can provide a plethora of mental and physical benefits. Working out with a friend, family member or group can help keep you motivated and on track.

Share the love and the benefits of exercise with these seven ideas for enjoying group or buddy workouts:

  1. Walking: Walking is one of the most basic forms of exercise but offers great benefits and isn’t jarring to the joints. In addition, it’s easy to be social while walking. Try walking with your significant other, kids, grandkids or friends to supplement your regular walking routine, or schedule these buddy walks several times a week. Check how many calories you’re burning here.
  1. Bicycling: Biking is another great way to exercise and grandchildren often enjoy bike riding, so it can be a great way to spend time with them as well. Many cities offer safe bike trails too. It’s easy to adapt biking to various fitness levels, from flat rides at a slower pace to mountain biking or going the distance (calculate calories here). If you don’t have friends or family who bike, Meetup offers more than 1,300 biking groups you can join.
  1. Home workouts: These days, it’s easier than ever to find resources for working out at home, from DVDs to TV shows to Internet Grab your significant other, adult child or friend, and set up a regular schedule for at-home workouts. An hour of aerobic exercise can burn anywhere from 365 to 796 calories.4513977_m
  1. Group fitness classes: Whether it’s an aerobics, spin or weights class at the gym, bootcamp in the park, or a dance class or yoga session at a local studio or community center, group fitness classes offer many benefits. For one, they help you stick to a schedule. They also are social and a great way to meet new people. In addition, the instructor can make sure you’re performing moves correctly and can help push you to give it your all. Find a fitness class you enjoy, and add it to your weekly calendar.
  1. Hiking: If you love being in nature and exploring new places, hiking can be a great fitness option. It can even burn more than 400 calories an hour. Sites like Trails.com, EveryTrail.com and LocalHikes.com can help you find hikes in your area that are right for your fitness level. Make regular dates with people you know who love to hike, or join a hiking group.
  1. Gym dates: If you prefer a customized gym workout to a group fitness class, a workout buddy can make it more enjoyable and keep you from skipping planned workout days.
  1. Recreational leagues: Those who enjoy sports and a bit of friendly competition can consider a recreational league. There, you’ll meet new friends and have regularly scheduled practices and games to keep you on track. Check with your city, or visit sites like Sportsvite to find teams in your area. Enjoying a sport like golf or a pickup basketball game with friends is another way to stay active.



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