Five Free and Fun Activities to Do With Your Grandchildren
Try these fun activities next time you have free time with your grandkids.

Leisure Pursuits

10292540_842187032499348_6618743353631061367_nYou have your grandchildren for the day, the night, the weekend or maybe even longer! What to do? Here are five fun and free ideas for spending quality time and making lasting memories.

 Create a Collage

A different type of art project than what most children are used to, collaging is a fun and creative way to foster self-expression.

 First, gather as many supply options as you can, such as old magazines, old photo calendars, colored pastels, pencils, markers, paints, colored paper, tissue paper, cloth, ribbon, buttons, beads, glue, and a large surface to put everything on.

 Next, view some examples on the Internet, such as these two Pinterest pages: “Collage Ideas” and “Collage – Art for Kids.” There is no “right” way to collage, so creativity and fun rule the day.

 Lastly, start cutting and arranging, and when you have something you like, start gluing things in place. Remember to make a collage right along with the children!

Make Something10394792_848572061860845_1578806858724556677_n

Do you like building things with wood? What about sewing clothes? Any hobby or skill you have can be put to use making something your grandchild is interested in, such as a table or baby doll bed out of wood, a piece of clothing to wear, a pillow or a doll dress. Your grandchild will learn valuable skills in a fun way while spending time together.


Most children enjoy getting their hands dirty. Planting flowers or vegetables in the garden or in containers can be a fun activity to do together. If you get together regularly, the child can see the plants grow and help harvest the bounty, whether it’s cutting flowers to arrange in a vase or making something from fruits or vegetables when they’re ripe.

 Play Dress Up

Younger children will especially enjoy playing dress up. Pull out some suits, ties, dresses, scarves and other items – perhaps not your favorites – and have a silly time dressing up and maybe even acting out your characters!

 Science Experiments

Another way to combine learning and fun is by trying some at home science experiments. The options are many, but here are a few to get you started:

 For more ideas, click on the links below. Then grab your grandchildren and have a great time!



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