Five Ways to Date and Meet New People
When it comes to dating and meeting other single people, there are more fun options than ever before.

Leisure Pursuits

9626338_mOne size doesn’t fit all when it comes to meeting new people. What feels comfortable and right varies from person to person. Luckily for all singles, there are many options available. We’ll explore five great ways to meet other singles.

Speed dating: Think speed dating is just for 20 or 30-somethings? Think again! From community centers to speed-dating services like and others, themed and age-grouped events are popping up in cities throughout the U.S. This is an easy way to meet a number of people in person without committing too many hours together, like a traditional date. It works like this: Most events are held at a restaurant or bar. The women sit down, and the men spend about five minutes opposite of each woman. Afterward, everyone makes a list of those they hit it off with, and the organizer then connects possible matches. Come up with some questions to ask each person beforehand, in case you get nervous or the conversation doesn’t flow naturally. You can ask the person about their hobbies, profession, interests, background and what they like to do for fun. Use the Internet to research speed-dating events in your area.

Singles travel: If you want to merge a fun vacation with meeting new people, you can consider a singles trip for people in your age range. Cruises are perhaps the most popular option. An escorted cruise – one marketed for singles – means organized activities, such as dances, tours and meals together for plenty of mingling time. Escorted singles cruises also can save you money by arranging a roommate so that you can avoid the single supplement fee of having your own room. Some cruise lines are catching on, however, offering single rooms or other options every cruise. Before booking your trip, visit the AARP travel page and Travel Center for discounts.16883475_m

Online and blind dates: Nowadays many people are dating online. AARP’s partnership with allows you to suggest the type of date you’d like to go on by answering the question “How about we …” – and then matches you with people interested in the same types of things. The traditional blind date is still a go-to option, where friends or family set you up with someone they think could be a match. Click on the links below for some easy dating rules and suggestions for first dates.

Singles groups: Some choose to join a local singles group around a particular activity or interest so that they can have a good time while meeting people – whether a match is made or not. Online sites like offer hundreds of groups to allow you to search for ones that match your interests. You can also consider joining a group offered through a local organization, such as your place of worship, or around a hobby. For example, the Sierra Club offers local singles chapters in many cities, where participants get together for hikes and other activities.

Whatever way you choose to dive into the dating world, the important thing is to have fun! Grab a single friend to tag along if you want and explore the dating strategies that are right for you.


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