Get Back to Nature

Leisure Pursuits

Want to stress less and smile more? Pay nature a visit — or let it into your home.

Experiencing nature may help lift your spirits and lower anxiety and stress. It may even improve your thinking and concentration, according to the American Psychological Association.

How does nature nourish us? For starters, along with helping you tune out modern-day tensions, getting back to the land may help boost the body’s feel-good chemicals.

Nature is where you find it

Two Senior Men On Camping Holiday With Fishing Rod.

Nature is closer than you might think. Here are some ways you might reap nature’s benefits without getting lost in the wild:

Take a walk or ride a bike. Head for the nearest hiking trail, park or leafy city street.

Open a window. If it’s hard to get outside, you might be able to experience nature through an open window. Listen to the birds singing, and feel the breezes blowing. See how many birds you can spot. You might even make your own bird feed to attract winged visitors to your yard.

Watch the sky. Borrow a library book about cloud spotting, rainbows or other natural wonders. Start your day with a peaceful sunrise. Or watch a summer storm play out.

Go stargazing. You can see the moon and the brightest planets and stars even through city lights. For a comfy view, lay out a blanket and pillows or a reclining yard chair.

Plant a butterfly garden. Some flowers may attract these beauties to your yard.

Tune in to nature. Even viewing nature scenes on your TV or other devices may provide some positive feelings. Check out a nature documentary or wildlife cam.