Gifts for Any Occasion
Add Some Creativity to Your Gift Giving With These Easy-to-Customize Suggestions.

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Picking out a gift for someone – whether it’s a grandchild, friend, or relative – can be tricky if you’re not sure what they want, need, or if you’re just not feeling inspired. Luckily, inspiration is close at hand. Peruse these suggestions to offer up a gift that’s sure to please.

Custom Gift Baskets

Creating a gift basket shows you put thought into the gift and makes smaller items more meaningful. There are endless options:

  • For those who love to cook (or eat!), gather up some gourmet food items such as high-end teas, interesting herbs and spices, specialty vinegars and oils, and maybe even a bottle of wine, depending on what the person enjoys.
  • For the man who loves his car, you can purchase car-care items such as wax, polish, interior care items and something fun as the centerpiece like a car-themed item for his home or office.
  • For women who deserve a little pampering and relaxation, create an at-home spa care package with items such as a scented candle, bubble bath or bath salts, a mask, body butter and a bath pillow.
  • For those who love to garden, seeds, gloves, a gardener’s knee pad, cute seedling pots and more can make for a fun and colorful gift basket.

A gift basket can be created around any theme with minimal expense and lots of fun for the person unwrapping it. The items can be arranged in a basket with filler or in a themed item that’s also usable, such as an interesting mixing bowl for the gourmet gift basket or a beautiful pot for the gardener gifts. Dollar, discount, and liquidation stores can be great places to find some of these items at a bargain.

Tip: Want to give a gift card? Put the gift card in a small custom gift basket to make it more meaningful and more fun to open. For example, if it’s a spa gift card, surround it with a few related items.

Gifts for Kidsgift ideas for kids

Kids can be hard to shop for, as their interests are constantly changing. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Children love to open gifts, so consider a custom gift basket or gift bag with many small items for children as well. For the child who has more toys than he or she can play with, books or an age-appropriate magazine subscription can be a good option to build around. Look for books or subscriptions along the lines of their current interests and go from there, adding things like small or silly toys and stickers to go with it.
  • For grandchildren, nieces or nephews that you enjoy spending time with, consider combining a gift and outing, such as a trip to the zoo or an amusement park for their birthday, or take them to the toy store or bookstore to pick out their own gift (within a set budget) – maybe you even make it an annual tradition. These outings can make for lifelong memories. If you’re on a strict budget, make their favorite meal or dessert, and go to a local park for a play day or bike ride and picnic.

When it comes to gifts, it really is the thought the counts. With a little creativity you can show how much you care whatever your budget.


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