Grill Your Entire Fourth Of July Meal


Prep and timing are the key to making your all-grill meal. Have everything cut, chopped, skewered, and ready to go before you light the coals or turn on the gas.

Make sure you have plenty of fuel to grill for an hour or more. Have aluminum foil at the ready to cover finished dishes until you’re ready to serve.

Rating – Medium

recipe card listing items that can be grilled for every meal, also listed below.

– Stuffed mushrooms
– Shrimp, oysters, or scallops
– Crostini

Main entrees
– Veggie sandwiches with mozzarella
– Pizza or flatbread
– Swordfish skewers

– Potato fans
– Stuffed zucchini
– Butternut squash
– Baguette with garlic, olive oil, and fresh herbs

– Fruit skewers
– Banana split sundaes
– Angel food cake with strawberries