Holiday Dates
Whether You’ve Been Married for Years or You’re Starting a Relationship, the Holiday Season Offers New Opportunities for Fun and Romance

Leisure Pursuits

The holidays are a singular time of year offering special ways to spend time together. Between shopping for gifts and celebrating family traditions, set aside time for dates that can only be enjoyed during this magical season.


Four Fun and Free Dates

  1. Enjoy the lights: Cruise down the best decorated streets in town while listening to your favorite holiday music; take in a parade of lights boat parade; or stroll hand-in-hand through neighborhoods twinkling with holiday lights and displays. It’s guaranteed to get you in the spirit of the season. Often local newspapers and websites will list the best streets to view holiday lights at, so all it takes is a little bit of research ahead of time. In addition, cities near a body of water often have annual boat parades.
  2. Take in a holiday concert: Many churches, temples and other places of worship, as well as community choirs, music groups and performing arts organizations will offer free holiday concerts. These performances make for a wonderful and romantic way to spend an afternoon or evening. Free concerts along with festive décor can often be found at your local shopping mall as well! Once again, local newspapers and websites can be the best way to locate such concerts in your area.
  3. Party it up: Holidays mean parties – work parties, family parties and more. Make each party a date night by celebrating with someone special. Enjoy your favorite foods and beverages, visit with one another and socialize a bit. If it’s an intimate gathering, bring a card game or a board game that the two of you enjoy, and invite some of your friends and family to join in.
  4. Enjoy a night in: Last but not lease, schedule some quiet time together. A romantic night at home in front of the fireplace can be the perfect way to spend a winter evening. Cook a simple meal together or grab takeout and unwind from the busy holiday season.


Alone on the Holidays?

The Holiday season can be a great opportunity to make new friends by inviting others to try one of the wintertime activities outlined above.

Many people also find it rewarding to volunteer during the holidays – alone or with family or friends. This season is a busy time for many nonprofit organizations, including those providing gifts to children in need and food pantries. See what organizations are active in your area. Many organizations and places of worship also offer special holiday meals to those in need and require volunteers to help prepare and serve the food. Volunteering during the holidays can bring joy to both those giving and receiving – capturing one of the best things about the season.


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