Hot Right Now: Boomer Trends You Should Know

Leisure Pursuits

9903444_mTrends change daily. What’s hot today may be forgotten tomorrow. New technologies alter the way people live overnight. To help you navigate through the endless waves of social trends, here’s a list of a few notable “hot topics” in the worlds of recreation, technology, and fashion.


Boomers are a very active group. One of the many popular activities is bicycling. Whether you’re interested in rolling casually through the neighborhood, or something more intensive, you’ll need the right gear. After you consult your physician to make sure bicycling is right for you, locate your nearest bike shop and ask the employees questions to find the perfect ride for you.


In November of 2014, AARP released a study on the travel plans of Baby Boomers. In the study were several key findings, including:

  • More than half (55%) of Boomers will travel only within the U.S.; four in ten (42%) plan to travel both domestically and internationally; and few (3%) expect to travel abroad only.
  • 57% of those travelers want to get away from normal, everyday life

14214193_mIf you’re one of the many with the itch to travel there are a few ways you can use technology to your advantage. There are many apps that will allow you to find airfare, lodgings, and things to do almost anywhere in the world. AARP’s recent tech review lists a few apps that can do even more while you travel, like luggage tracking, concierge service, and more!


If you’re a woman who likes to wear the latest in fashion, AARP’s Be Your Best article has a few helpful tidbits for you to consider:

  • Avoid black (try charcoal!)
  • Grab some tailored pants
  • Block heels are in
  • Scarves, scarves, scarves.

Check out the article for more do’s and do not’s. And for the men out there, AARP has a few ways to make you look a little brighter as well.

Spring is around the corner. Have fun, be safe, and look great!