How to Get Started Blogging
See if blogging is right for you, and find the tools to get started.

Leisure Pursuits


If you enjoy writing and believe you have a distinct voice, then blogging may be for you.

There are many reasons people choose to blog, including:

  • Self- expression – having a creative outlet
  • Making a difference – educating people about a cause they feel strongly about or promoting that cause
  • Marketing – promoting a business
  • Side job – making some extra income

First Steps

The first step is to give your blog some thought. Consider the topic and purpose. For example, blogging to promote your business is different than blogging to share your life or to have an outlet for your creative expression.

Your posts should appear regularly, so determine how much time you can commit and how often you’ll plan on posting. Coming up with a catchy name is also key. Your blog should have a distinctive voice that sets it apart from other blogs on similar topics.

Next, choose your software and host. Some offerings provide both the software application and the online space. A couple free options for bloggers are WordPress and For a small fee you can purchase programs like Typepad and Squarespace. Read reviews, chat with others and visit sites that use the programs to determine which will be the best fit for you.

Building an Audience8502403_m

Remember that building an audience for your blog takes time.

When it comes to blogging, people want to relate to you. Make sure there’s a photo on your “about” page or elsewhere. Don’t make your bio all about your big accomplishments. Keep it interesting and share your personal experiences.

In addition to posting regularly, keep blogs under 1,000 words. Most bloggers allow readers to comment to increase interaction and engagement, but you will need to keep an eye on comments and moderate as needed.

To increase readership, be active on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Share your blogs on these sites, post about related topics, and follow others who are interested in similar subjects.

Seize any other opportunities to promote your blog, such as guest blogging for an established blogger or site.

Making Money as a Blogger

Some bloggers can make money by selling advertisements on their blogs once they’ve built an audience. Here are three links to help you learn more:

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Other people get paid to blog for already established sites in need of engaging writers.

The most important thing is to blog on a topic you’re passionate about and to enjoy sharing your writing.


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