How Your Annual Wellness Visit Helps You

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You know to go to the doctor when you’re feeling ill. But sometimes you need to see your primary care doctor when you’re feeling well.

Take your Medicare yearly wellness visit. This annual check-in with your doctor is a chance to stay on top of your health needs for another year.

For instance, during your wellness visit, your doctor may:

Ask you about your health history and safety. This helps your doctor recognize any diseases or injuries you may be at risk for — including conditions that may run in your family. And while a yearly wellness visit isn’t a full physical exam, your doctor may check your blood pressure and other indicators of your health.

Give you a list of shots and health screenings you may need to stay well. Screening tests can help find some health problems early, when they may be easiest to treat. Some screenings may even help prevent problems such as colorectal cancer. During your wellness visit, your provider also may check for signs of dementia and depression.

Offer personalized advice. Your annual wellness visit is a time to update your individual approach to prevention. That includes advice about things like exercising and eating nutritious foods. If you have a question about your health, just ask your doctor.

Is it time for your yearly wellness visit? Call your doctor to make an appointment. Medicare Part B covers one wellness visit every 12 months.

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