Ideas for Some Weekend Fun
Enjoy Yourself Wherever You Are

Leisure Pursuits

mature woman painting in the parkLife is busy. It can be challenging to cut out some “you-time” to enjoy. Thankfully, there are weekends. Weekends can be a great time to try new things, indulge in the things you already enjoy, or relax with the ones you love.

Below is a list of some weekend activity ideas you may want to consider the next time you’re looking to schedule something for your Saturday or Sunday.

1. Enjoy New Books

If your idea of a good weekend is sitting down with a new story to enjoy, here’s a new take: Visit your local library, speak with the librarian and tell them what sorts of books you like, then checkout a recommendation from them. You may end up discovering a new favorite author!

Bonus: Libraries across the country hold special events over the weekends, so look at their event calendar to see if there’s something happening you may be interested in.

2. Laugh with Friends

Has it been a while since you’ve just hung out with your nearest and dearest? Call your friends and schedule some time for a get-together. Try to plan something that will allow you to actually take in the time with those you love, like a dinner or game night. You already have memories you treasure with your best friends, carve out some time to make some new ones.

3. Gain Some Perspective

How long have you lived in your current home? Have you explored all the places your town has to offer? Find somewhere in your town that you haven’t been and take a visit. Whether it’s a hike up a hill or a stroll along a beach, it can be refreshing to go to a place near home that you’ve never been to. It may even become your new favorite weekend getaway.

4. Let Your Inner Foodie Loose

Restaurants are opening all the time. Whether it’s a chain that is new to your town, or an independently owned establishment, there are sure to be places you haven’t been to. Find a restaurant that serves the type of food you love, or try something you’ve never had. Invite some friends or enjoy a nice, quiet meal by yourself.


5. Learn Somethingsenior asian man reading newspaper

Have you been to all of the museums, historical buildings, and educational centers in your city? The weekends are a great time to try some! Learn about the history of your city, the future of some industry, or anything in-between. Take some friends along to get some of that laughter mentioned earlier, and maybe even plan a meal after your excursion at some new eatery… See how easy that can be?

6. Create Something

Are you a painter? A pottery expert? A musician? If you said no to any of those, try one of them (or some other artistic endeavor) over the weekend. Look for local art classes in your area. If you find something you love, you may end up developing a new hobby. Or, if you take a class that isn’t for you, you can try another lesson. At the very least you’ll end up with a new painting, pot, or other craft that you created by yourself.

No matter how you choose to fill your weekend time, enjoy yourself. As always, be sure to check with your physician before trying any new physical activity to ensure you’re up to it. Have fun this weekend!