Indoor Fun: 10 Indoor Activities to Make the Day Fly By!

Leisure Pursuits

Keep a list handy of fun things to do when spending extended time indoors

Sometimes life gives us a cue to slow down, stay in and take stock of what you want to do, rather than what you have to do.

Here are some classic and maybe new ways to pass the time.

1. Get Out the Games
Cards, chess, checkers, board games and puzzles are perennial favorites. Set some table stakes to make the competition more interesting. If you are by yourself, try beating yourself with card games like Solitaire, Accordion, or Klondike (all of which can be played by a single person).

2. Cook a new dish
Find some recipes you haven’t tried before using the ingredients you have available in your kitchen. Go for a full spread – from appetizer through dessert! Need inspiration? Check out these recipes from the blog.

3. Make Something Old New
Look online for fun and easy crafts, then see what you have on hand that you can use to get creative. Scraps of gift wrap and ribbon can become beautiful handmade greeting cards and tags. A little paint and a flair for design can turn jars or cans into pretty storage containers.

4. Mount a Movie Marathon
Watch a cable series from beginning to end. Or pick a theme (romance, drama, comedies) and watch multiple movies in an afternoon. Pop some corn, shut the blinds, and let the show begin!

5. Break a Sweat
If you have the space at home, try a dance-only workout to favorite tunes or if dance isn’t your thing, yoga, walking and Zumba are all fun ways to get up and move. Remember, always check with your doctor before changing your fitness routine.

6. Try High Tea
An afternoon tea complete with fancy sandwiches and sweets can be a fun way to whittle away an hour or two. Try a new flavor of tea, or even try making your own cookie or crackers!

7. Do Good
When you’re stuck at home it can be comforting to knit, crochet or quilt for a cause. Keep a list handy of local organizations like hospitals, shelters or schools that could benefit from some handcrafted love and care. Then, any time you’re faced with a rainy day or stuck inside or any reason, you can feel good knowing that your skills will directly benefit your local community.

8. Get Lost in a Good Book
If you typically read just a page or two before nodding off at night, here’s your chance to make some real progress in whatever’s on your nightstand. Inside days are also tailor-made for getting through that stack of magazines you’ve been meaning to read.

9. Take a Nap
If you can’t get outside, embrace the opportunity to curl up under a blanket and catch up on your sleep.

10. Learn Something New
You can also choose to learn something by yourself – maybe something that requires a big block of time that never seems to be available all at once. Several hours of quiet time might be all it takes to learn a new computer program or skill or get some real practice on a foreign language. Dive into researching a topic that’s always interested you or try your hand at genealogical research.

Without the constraint of needing to be somewhere, you can take your time and follow your interests wherever they lead, for as long as you like.