January is Tea Time
Brew Your Way to Health

Health & Well Being

warm-cup-of-teaYou’ve probably heard of superfoods, but have you ever thought about super drinks? Tea has been used for centuries as a way to remain alert through long meditations. Today, we still drink it to help us stay awake through the workday or other responsibilities. However, recent studies suggest that the benefits of consuming tea may actually reach much further than just keeping us up.

Tea has become a topic of interest for some scientists studying heart disease and cancer. Green tea contains a component, called EGCG, which may have positive effects in helping prevent these diseases. While studies need further research, tea is still a great alternative to many popular soft drinks or sugary juices. Some have even linked the beverage to promoted weight loss, but remember to always consult your doctor before implementing a new dietary plan.

january-tea-monthThere are plenty of options when it comes to tea flavors. Green, black, and oolong tea all come from the same plant, but are simply prepared in different ways. Most flavored teas begin with a preferred style of leaf and are paired with a combination of roots, herbs, spices and even fruit rinds. Different herbs may offer varying benefits. Some combinations may help you feel calm and can soothe sicknesses, while others could make you feel uplifted and bright.

Many types of tea can be purchased, but you can also make your own tea flavors at home. Pick out your favorite ingredients, starting with the type of leaf you prefer. Lemongrass, ginger, rosemary, and mint are just a few great choices when it comes to flavoring. Don’t be afraid to try citrus rinds for a fruity treat!

If you’re not sure where to start, try combining lemongrass and ginger root for a simple, yet delicious brew. Pour hot water over your concoction and let it steep for a few minutes. When you’re ready, strain the hot water out and remove the extra ingredients. If you prefer iced tea, simply refrigerate the brewed tea in a pitcher for a few hours and serve over ice. Otherwise, your hot tea is ready to be enjoyed. Sit back, sip up!