Keep Moving on Your Next Trip
Travel and exercise can go together with these tips and resources.

Health & Well Being

19538128_mYou’re on vacation – who needs exercise, right? While some share this view, others actually feel more energetic and less guilty when they fit in some exercise during their travel and vacation plans. It may not be as much as you do at home, but keeping realistic expectations and making a commitment to schedule in some doctor-approved exercise, can keep your workout routine going while on vacation.

Fit it In

The Mayo Clinic recommends sneaking in exercise wherever you can when you travel.

For example:

  • Walk through the train cars if you’re traveling by train
  • Walk through the terminal if you have a plane layover
  • If the hotel has a gym, that makes working out easy. You can also bring a DVD workout for your hotel room or even a jump rope and resistance band. Another option is to walk up and down the hotel halls, and opt for the stairs over the elevator
  • Explore the local area by asking the hotel staff for safe parks or local walking trails. If the area is safe, you can also walk to shops, restaurants, and sightseeing locations

Stretch it Out

While you can’t exercise much on a plane or in the passenger seat of a car during a long journey, stretching is great option. The benefits of stretching include increased blood flow to the muscles, as well as increased flexibility and range of motion. More than anything, stretching just feels great when you’ve been sitting in the same position a long time.

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Get Active

For those who love a particular sport or outdoor activity, bring it with you on vacation!

  • Rent bikes and explore the area’s bike trails
  • Research ahead of time or call the hotel to learn about local tennis courts or golf courses
  • Use the AllTrails app or website to discover local trails
  • If you prefer a gym workout, and the hotel doesn’t have what you’re looking for, research local gyms and guest passes before you arrive

Whether you workout daily or just prefer a relaxing stroll, the above tips and resources can help you keep moving during your next trip. Always make sure to consult with your doctor before trying new exercising routines.


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