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How to Celebrate the Small Wins

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enjoy-the-small-thingsHolidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or personal achievements are great reasons to throw on your party hat, but when was the last time you celebrated something less significant? Research shows that celebrations among groups help create a sense of belonging, which is an essential piece of human fulfillment. Celebrating your own achievements or that of your significant other can also improve your relationships.

Here are some great reasons to appreciate the smaller things in your relationships, work, and life.

In Life. Celebrating the small events in your life can help you develop an overall feeling of gratitude. That feeling can change your entire perspective and make you more appreciative of the things you already have. Next time you get all the housework done, or pay bills on time, just take a moment to appreciate that you have a home to clean and that you have some money to pay those pesky bills. Suddenly, those chores won’t feel so daunting and you can celebrate that, too!

In Love. When you’re in a long-term relationship, it can be easy to overlook the romantic details that you once lingered on. For instance, did you notice the last time your significant other got a haircut or shaved? Give your partner your undivided attention whenever you can and stay in the present moment, disconnected from your phone. When they come home, greet them with a small hug as a reunion celebration, and express how glad you are to see them. You’ll both feel even more appreciated by one another.

find-enjoyment-in-everyday-lifeAt Work. Studies show that only 52% of the workforce feels engaged. Celebrating with your team members can fuel the feeling of belonging to something bigger than you and help employees be more engaged in their work. Even in small companies it’s crucial to take the time to recognize hard work and appreciate the employees behind it. Hosting office parties can provide huge benefits to the company by strengthening the team bond among coworkers. It can always provide some much needed stress relief too!

You don’t need to wait for Thanksgiving to feel thankful, there’s so much to be grateful for every day. Just put on your party pants and make a real effort to enjoy the wonderful things happening around you all the time!