Brain Teasers – Mind Games that are Beneficial to Your Health

Health & Well Being

For many adults, having a sharp mind is an important factor to their overall well-being and happiness. You’d be happy to know that aging isn’t necessarily the enemy when it comes to your brain health. In fact, distraction, stress, boredom, obesity and even loneliness may be bigger key players. Luckily, you can keep your brain thinking outside the box with brain teasers! Give these 5 riddles a try and see how you do.

1. Where is the ocean the deepest?

2. If you were running a race, and you passed the person in 2nd place, what place are you in now?

3. If you have me, you might want to share me. But if you share me, you will no longer have me. What am I?

4. What gets wetter as it dries?

5. There are three apples on the table, and you take two away. How many apples do you have left?


Great job! Check your answers below. How many did you get right?


Answer Key: [1] On the bottom. [2] 2nd Place! (You didn’t pass the 1st place runner). [3] Shhh! It’s a secret. [4] A towel. [5] You have two, of course!


While riddles are a great way to get your gears turning, there are plenty of other ways to help your brain stay active longer. Try anagrams, sudoku, and jigsaw puzzles, too!

Anything that requires concentration or creativity can be a great place to start. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to try out brand new brain teasers posted each month. Share your ideas with the community!