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14605047_mYou’re ready to “Go Long” in everything you do – from work to play. Part of that plan means keeping your mind sharp and ready to meet each new challenge.

Luckily, the study of the human brain is shedding light on what you can do to keep your brain functioning at its best.

Exercise Your Brain

Brain games are like exercise for your mind. They help keep your brain challenged. Growing interest in this area means more resources.

Free online brain games include:

AARP’s Brain Games page

SharpBrain’s Top 50 Brain Teasers and Games

National Geographic Channel’s Brain Games

There are also brain training sites such as Fit Brains that offer personalized brain training for enhanced memory and focus. These sites do require a subscription.

In addition, you can download brain games to your computer. Simply do a Web search for brain games and you can explore even more options. As always, exercise caution about what sources you download from or give your personal information to.

Take Care of Your Brain27844221_m

In addition to keeping your brain challenged, here are five more ways you can keep your mind sharp:

1) Feed your brain: Eating so-called “superfoods” can help keep your brain healthy. Try adding more blueberries, avocados, whole grains, wild salmon, beans, dark chocolate, tomatoes, beets, freshly brewed tea, nuts and seeds and dark, leafy greens to your diet.

2) Exercise: Exercise isn’t just good for your body; it’s also good for your brain. From increasing brain cells to fighting depression and stress to improving cognitive function and memory, exercise helps keep your mind sharp. Take a walk, ride a bike, hit the gym, do yoga with a friend – find exercises you enjoy that your doctor has cleared you for and do it regularly.

3) Sleep: Not only does a good night’s sleep make you feel fresher and sharper, new research is shedding light on the fact that sleep may actually “scrub away neural waste.” Sweet dreams!

4) Try something new: Don’t let your brain’s pathways disconnect – try something new to never stop learning. Make a plan to do something different every day, whether it’s learning a new song, creating a work of art, trying a new cooking technique or any number of things in between.

5) Cultivate friendships: Quality friendships and social interactions can reduce the risk of dementia. Spend time with your close friends or work to forge new meaningful relationships.

The best part about working to keep your mind in tip-top shape is that it’s also fun! From eating fresh, delicious foods to socializing and playing games to trying new things, your brain will never have a dull moment.


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