Money-Making Hobbies
Turn Your Passion Into a Paycheck

Money Matters

grandmother and granddaughter cooking in the kitchenThanks to the internet, the world is getting smaller. People are more connected now than ever before and many folks are cashing in on that connectedness. Some rent their spare rooms, others drive their cars like taxis, and many are able to sell the products of their profitable hobbies into a revenue stream.

Freelancing itself has become a bit of a hobby. The idea of working for yourself in your spare time is far easier than it used to be. Whether you’re a fan of making custom clocks, handcrafted jewelry, or anything in-between, it may be possible to make a bit of cash.

Here are a few common hobbies and passions that are already becoming lucrative for entrepreneurs around the world.

Carpentry It seems like there are fewer true carpenters in the world than ever before. If you are good with your hands and like to build, repair, or restore furniture, that’s great news. With a little bit of exposure it’s possible to turn that hobby into some spare cash, selling your wares locally or online.

Music If you love playing and listening to music, you may be able to teach. There are kids and adults all over looking to learn a new instrument or two. With just a few computer clicks, you can plug in to your community and find some teaching opportunities.

Sports Even sport-lovers can turn their passion into extra cash. Coaching and refereeing gigs are often available. If you have a bit more knowledge than the average person in any given sport, you can get paid to be a part of the game you love.

Reading (and Editing) Are you a stickler for details? Do you spend your free time reading, organizing, and getting rid of clutter? If so, proofreading may be for you. Both students and professional writers pay people regularly to proofread their content and help them locate errors. Why not you?

Animal Care If you spent your weekends wishing you had a dog or cat (or maybe more dogs or cats), you can get paid for that. Whether you enjoy walking or playing with pets, or pet sitting, there are pet owners looking for you. Why not turn your spare time playing with pets into a side job? Check your state requirements to see if you need any special certification before handling or walking someone else’s pet.

Baking Fact: People love delicious treats. It doesn’t take much to convince people to enjoy their favorite cake, pie, bread, or pastry. If you have skills in the kitchen, this is the gig for you. You can make food to sell locally or food that can be safely shipped a bit further. It’s possible to make some money while giving yourself an excuse to use that oven.

grandmother and granddaughter playing pianoThere are so many more! Like garage sales and antiques? There’s a market for that. Enjoy working with cars? There are plenty of people who aren’t and may happily pay you for a bit of help. Is fitness your passion? Many are looking for a bit of assistance getting in shape.

Before you begin, do the research. Look for resources that will help you, protect you, and ensure that you’re able to maximize the potential of your new venture. The best part is that you’re probably going to be enjoying these hobbies regardless – now you might even get paid!