Natural Bug Repellents
Keep Pests Away Safely

Health & Well Being

No one likes to have pests in the home. Using harsh chemicals and poisons to get rid of a few unwanted visitors here and there doesn’t always seem like the safest option, especially when small children or pets are present. Fortunately, there are a few safer ways to help you prevent an infestation.


It only takes one bite to figure out why it’s best to avoid these pesky bugs. Citronella candles are a popular natural mosquito repellent, although tiki torches work best due to the smoke they emit. Lemon oil or eucalyptus oil may also be a good solution for inside your home. Try mixing a few droplets of either oil into a spray bottle with water and spraying around doors and window frames, or anywhere a mosquito may find its way in.

Tip: Yellow lighting can also help attract fewer bugs than white lights.

Pantry Moths

If you’ve ever unexpectedly come across a jar filled with moths in the pantry, you know how horrifying it can be. Wipe down your food containers and shelves with a white vinegar solution. Try placing bay leaves inside the cupboards as well to help repel moths.


When the ants come marching in, it can be very hard to get them out. Similar to moths, vinegar can be helpful for keeping ants away. The smell of the vinegar overpowers the scent they use to follow each other’s footsteps. Try mixing a 1:1 ratio of vinegar and water in a spray bottle, and squirt the areas where the ants are sneaking in.

Tip: Peppermint oil may also be effective in preventing ants and spiders. Mix a few drops with water into a spray bottle and mist any spider webs or entryways.


If you’ve got a pet, you may have had ticks in your home. Dogs often carry these pests on their skin after they’ve been in wooded or bushy areas. Before letting your dog explore in these types of environments, use a drop of rose geranium oil between the shoulder blades or place a couple of drops directly on the collar.

If your pest situation is out of hand, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. For a few minor problems here and there, give these natural bug repellents a try!