New Year’s Eve Party Foods, Dinners, and Desserts
Ring in 2017 with these 10 Recipes


new-years-eve-partiesNew Year’s Eve celebrations are the last hurrah of the year and typically the last food-filled celebration before people kick off their resolution to watch what they eat. Whether you’re spending the evening with family to watch the ball drop or hosting an elaborate party, here are some flavorful New Year’s Eve recipes to consider trying as you welcome the coming year.

New Year’s Eve Party Foods

  1. Prosciutto-Wrapped Pineapple Bites

Mixing both sweet and salty flavors, this easy to make appetizer can be thrown together in as little as 30 minutes and is only 54 calories! Caribbean Pineapple is in prime season from December to February and it’s the star of this bite-sized treat.

  1. Cured or Smoke Salmon Platter

This recipe requires a bit more effort, but it’s sure to be a hit with party guests. Serve this salmon platter with an assortment of crackers or cocktail bread giving your guests the chance to build their own appetizer.

  1. Shrimp Dumplings

Packed with shrimp and cabbage, this healthy dumpling recipe is perfect for larger parties and makes about 48 servings. The recipe can also be modified to accommodate guests with seafood allergies or to simply add variety by using turkey in place of the shrimp.

  1. Creamy Wild Mushroom Toast Points

This rich and savory snack may require a knife and fork, but that won’t stop your party guests from going back for more. Don’t have wild mushrooms? While they are more flavorful you can substitute any mushroom for this recipe.

New Year’s Eve Dinner Ideas

  1. Nor Cal Cioppino (Seafood Stew)

Leave it to a celebrity chef to add a tasty Northern California twist on a classic seafood stew. This savory dish is packed with crab, clams, fish, and shrimp and is a great way to start your New Year’s feast. If you serve it with sourdough bread and a salad you’ll have a complete meal.

  1. Seared Steak with Pan-Roasted Grape & Port Sauce

Ready in about 20 minutes, this pan-seared steak is the perfect main dish for closing out 2016. Topped with a savory-sweet port wine and grape sauce it’s the perfect centerpiece for a celebratory meal.

  1. Ancho-Honey Pork Tenderloin with Cheese Grits

Add some spice to your gathering with this Southwestern inspired dish. It’s mild heat and rich, smoky flavor is sure to impress your guests.

  1. Cranberry Glazed Turkey Breast with Wild Rice Pilaf

Craving more of those holiday favorites like turkey and cranberries? This recipe marries the two into a single dish that’s perfect for a smaller get-together.

New Year’s Eve Treatscheese-and-wine-for-nye-celebrations

Looking to satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth? These dessert recipes are a perfect way to round out a celebration of any size.




  1. Glazed Sour Orange & Coconut Cakes

This flavorful dessert is also extremely customizable. The recipe can leverage nearly any citrus fruit and since it’s gluten-free, you can play with the flour you use. Coconut flour leaves the treat high in fiber and moist, whereas almond flour adds texture and a nutty flavor.

  1. Phyllo-Wrapped Apple Dumplings with Apple Cider Sauce

This dumpling recipe combines apples, raisins, brown sugar, and spice into a crispy, buttery dumpling topped with an apple cider reduction. Served warm, this is the perfect sweet treat for a cold New Year’s Eve night.

Whether you’re celebrating intimately with immediate family or holding a larger celebration with extended family and friends, these recipes are sure to offer something flavorful and festive for the occasion.