Olympic Exercises
Workout like You’re in Rio

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Every four years, America celebrates its finest athletes as they travel to compete in the Summer Olympic Games. This year, the world’s best will travel to beautiful Rio de Janeiro in Brazil to compete in every sport from archery to Greco-Roman wrestling. To help get you in the spirit of the games (August 5th – August 21st), consider a few of these workouts to get yourself in Olympic shape, and be sure to consult your physician before doing so.


The 2016 Olympics will feature not one, nor two, but four different cycling events, including: BMX, Mountain Bike, Road, and Track. To get your own body on the same path as these Olympic athletes, consider a slightly less aggressive bicycle tactic: indoor cycling. Gyms all across the country have stationary bikes that can provide a challenging workout. These bicycles are a safe way to maximize workouts by tracking both your heart rate and calorie burn in a low-impact environment. Perhaps most important, many stationary bikes come with various settings to accommodate users of any experience level, making them a perfect exercise for all to try.

Weight Trainingsenior exercising

Olympic weightlifters are a special breed of sportsman. Like other athletes, weightlifters train around t
he clock to reach beyond what is normally possible of the human body. Believe it or not, you can too. Since everybody starts at a different place, all goals are different. Lifting weights is a great way to build and maintain muscle, strength, and durability. Specific goals will differ from person to person, but everybody has the potential to go beyond what they think is possible in an effort to create a healthier sense of self. Start with light weights, gradually increasing the amount of reps. As you get stronger you can move up to heavier weights but be extremely cautious that you don’t pass your limit. Lifting weights appropriately can aid in joint flexibility, athletic performance, and cardiovascular health.


Virtual Cross Training

Boxing, swimming, rowing, hockey, triathlon… Each of these sports can take years and years of training to reach a competitive level. In a way, you can enjoy them as well…virtually. Aerobic DVDs, workout shows, and interactive media (video games) offer unique ways for everyone to enjoy similar routines, activities, and health benefits as those competing for gold in Rio. Whether you want to start a yoga routine in the morning, try boxing with friends online, or go for some step aerobics in the living room, there is an opportunity for you, virtually, to enjoy your new favorite workout.

As with any new 42118756 - senior african american couple cycling in parkworkout routine or physical activity, check with your physician to make sure you are healthy enough before you try it out. Take a look through our past posts if you’re looking for more on exercise routines or new sports to try out.