Packing the Grandchildren
Taking the grandkids on a trip is the perfect way to create lifelong memories.

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28577555_mGetting away from the distractions of everyday life makes quality time, laughter and special memories come more easily. For these reasons, many families plan trips together and taking a vacation with your grandchildren – whether or not their parents are along as well – is a great way to bond and enjoy each other’s company.

Here are a few ideas to get you started, with options for various budgets. Click on the links to discover even more inspiration.

Camping: Those who grew up camping almost universally share positive memories of these outdoor experiences. If you own a travel trailer or recreational vehicle, you can bring the comforts of home with you. Others prefer tent camping, and both options are very reasonable with state parks and national forests starting at just $10 a night. The fact you can bring along and prepare your own food saves on additional expenses. Consider making the weekend technology free, or limit screen time to a certain portion of the day to make the most of your nature time and time together. Bring along games, and enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing and nature walks. Check out the blog “5 Tricks to Make Your Grandchildren’s Camping Vacation a Lasting Memory.”

Local getaway: A local getaway is another cost-effective vacation idea. Look for an inexpensive cabin to rent within driving distance and where there are fun outdoor activities to enjoy. Watch local hotels and resorts for special offers, such as weekday or off-season rates. For elementary-school aged children, a pool can often provide hours of entertainment, and staying in a new place can be a fun novelty. See what local kid-friendly activities are available, such as aquariums or children’s museums, to turn your getaway into a true mini-vacation. Or treat your grandchild to something they’ve never tried before, such as sailing. For more ideas, read the blog “Staycation Travel Tips With Your Grandchildren.”28618379_m

Cruising: Taking a cruise is a popular vacation option. Most major cruise lines offer fun for all ages, including special children’s programs and all-age excursions when in port. Once you’re aboard, you don’t have to worry about transportation or switching hotels. Many cruises include unlimited food. Being at sea itself is usually exciting for children. To learn more tips, read the article “6 Tips for Taking Your Grandchildren on a Cruise.”

Resort stay: These days, resorts geared towards families offer more kid-friendly fun than ever before. Whether you and your grandchildren want to ride horses on a cattle ranch, play on a tropical beach or enjoy winter sports, there are family friendly resorts to fit the bill. To begin your research, read “Top 10 Family Vacations.”

The options are virtually endless. Begin planning your trip well in advance, discussing possibilities first with the grandchildren’s parents and then with the grandchildren themselves. Get the grandchildren involved by learning about the area they’ll be traveling to and the activities they can participate while there. Then, don’t forget to bring your camera and let the memory making begin!


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