Powerful Herbal Tea Remedies

Health & Well Being

A cup of tea can cure all ills, especially when aided by the right herbs and plants. Certain herbs hold numerous medicinal properties that can turn your afternoon cup of tea into a healthy comfort. Our friends at the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (most known for the annual Philadelphia Flower Show) called on their experts to give us a few pointers on making teas from herbs and flowers.  So grab your coziest blanket and put the kettle on to try out these comforting herbal teas.



Promoting immunity, echinacea can sooth a pesky sore throat that crops up during a winter’s cold. Try combining this herb with dandelion root and honey for a sweet cup of tea.



Chamomile has been used for centuries to ease stomach aches and promoting an easy sleep. As an essential oil, the taste as well as the smell of chamomile can sooth all your senses.



Like chamomile, lavender has a soothing smell and taste. Commonly used to treat anxiety and stress, this perennial is essential to brightening up winter with peace of mind and as the visual delight of your indoor garden.


Mint Leaves

An herb that can easily be grown in your kitchen herb garden, mint leaves are helpful with digestion, plus an added benefit of fresh breath.


Rose Hips

A popular tea filled with vitamin C. Almost 20 times the amount found in most citrus fruits. Rose Hips can be used mashed or crumbled dried for a soothing and healthy drink.


Speaking of tea – the Philadelphia Flower Show Garden Tea experience is a great way to take a break at the Flower Show. Relax and fortify yourself for a second look at the multiple acres of breath-taking floral exhibits or another round through the Marketplace.


The 2019 PHS Philadelphia Flower Show, “Flower Power,” happening March 2nd-10th, will pay tribute to the enormous impact of flowers on our lives. From the first blooms of spring in your home garden to the expansive fields that fuel whole economies, flowers influence how we feel, think and act in small and global ways.