Priceless Holiday Gifts
Homemade items and quality time together can become the most cherished of gifts.

Money Matters

Rather than the sound of holiday tunes, many hear the “cha-ching” of the cash register when the holidays roll around.

Whether it’s to save money or to give something more personal, a homemade gift or the gift of spending time together can really show you care and be something that friends and family of all ages will treasure. 

Homemade Gifts

Nowadays, the Internet is a valuable tool for homemade inspiration. Sites such as Pinterest allow you to search thousands of creative ideas you can do yourself. Pinterest is a highly visual site where users “pin” and share photos of all sorts of things. For example, go to your Internet browser and type in “Pinterest homemade holiday gifts,” and you’ll easily be able to view dozens of adorable ideas such as:

    • Custom gift baskets
    • Decorated Mason jar treats
    • Photo ornaments
    • Dried fruit gift bags
    • Holiday body scrub or Epson salt jars
    • And much more

With digital photography now the norm, more and more photos get posted to the Web but never printed. Making a scrapbook for a friend or family member can be an ideal keepsake, whether it’s of a special event like a wedding, anniversary or family reunion, a baby album, a scrapbook from a once-in-a-lifetime vacation or anything else. While you may be able to get the photos from someone close to the person you’ll be gifting, if need be, let the friend or family member know what you’re doing so he or she can give you the most beloved photos.

The Gift of Time

Perhaps the most priceless gift is the gift of time – setting aside a day, weekend or evening to do something together. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Attend a holiday concert or play. If money is an issue, you can even find free community performances in most towns (look at colleges, places of worship, community centers and more).
  • Take a drive or a walk to see the area’s best holiday lights. Top off the night with dessert out.
  • If it’s in the budget and schedule, take a weekend or day trip somewhere you’ve both wanted to go, or somewhere you want to show a child or grandchild.15406771_m
  • Go ice skating, hiking, walking, boating, sledding, skiing or build a snowperson together (depending on the weather and if you’re cleared for such physical activity by your doctor).
  • Attend a sporting event or movie you will both enjoy.
  • If your friend or loved one also wants to make gifts for others, spend a day crafting or baking together! Play your favorite music, and have some treats and beverages on hand to enjoy between creating and visiting.

Time spent together during this special time of year can create memories that last far longer than any purchased object. Allow your creativity to wander this holiday season, and cherish those moments with loved ones.   


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