Punching the Clock – Part Time
Whether it’s For Fulfillment or Extra Cash, Part-Time Work is a Popular Option.

Money Matters

Part Time JobAre you retired? The discussion often seems black or white. However, for many, there are countless options after retirement. Some choose to do temp, freelance, part-time or consulting work to supplement their retirement income, while others do it for the challenge and sense of purpose. All in all, the number of people aged 65 and up still in the work force is higher than ever.

“I am an 80-year-old psychologist, and I have been working six to nine hours a week for several years at a local community college,” comments Donald Hanley about his part-time job. “I supervise six to nine counseling interns. It is a delightful experience working with volunteer men and women who are many years younger than me. They keep me thinking, studying and alive with their eagerness to become the best therapists they can be.”

Popular Options

According to MSNBC, eight of the most popular jobs for retirees are: consultant, caterer, store greeter, floral assistant, temp work, tour guide, retail worker and “more of the same” (i.e. doing what you were doing but part time rather than full time).

Part Time JobConsultant, which made No. 1 on the list, is indeed an appealing option. Approximately one-third of companies hire temporary or contract workers. Consultants are often well paid for their expertise, and benefits include greater freedom and no long-term commitment. For those who want something more permanent, consulting work can get your foot in the door.

Other popular options include customer service, child care, teaching and tutoring. Part-time job possibilities are virtually endless depending on your talents, interests and experience.

Think Outside the Box

Part Time JobIf you’re looking for part-time work but aren’t sure what you want to do or where to start, here are a few things to consider:

  • Think about what you’re good at and how you could turn that into income. For example, if you have a certain expertise and enjoy sharing your knowledge but are not a certified teacher or don’t hold an advanced degree, perhaps you can teach an enrichment or adult education class, or teach classes for organization or business. If you enjoy helping children, maybe you can help with child care or become a tutor. If you’re great at fixing things, you could market yourself as a handyman/handywoman. The list goes on.
  • A passion or hobby can also help you land part-time work at a local nonprofit, doing things like being a museum docent, historical tour guide or helping those in need.
  • Seasonal work is also available in a number of fields, from retail during the holidays, to theme parks during the summers, to sports-related jobs during that particular sport’s season.

There are many job sites just for retirees looking for consulting and part-time work. Think about what you’d find most fulfilling, then head out with confidence knowing you have experience on your side.


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