Second-Act Careers
Use your experience and expertise to find a part-time job you’re passionate about.

Money Matters

20983882_mSecond-act careers or work reimagined – whatever clever terms you want to use, many people choose to work part-time or to adjust their career later in life. The reasons are as varied as the jobs themselves. Some people want to help others and use that as their main motivation. Others want to supplement their income with part-time work or consulting, using their many years of experience and expertise to work less hours while still earning decent pay. While others want to do work that fits with their new lifestyle.

Popular part-time jobs for older Americans include retail, bookkeeping and tax preparation, home health care, personal assistant positions, tour guide and nonprofit work.

Job Searching

One job search strategy that never becomes obsolete is good old-fashioned networking. Former bosses and coworkers, business colleagues, friends and family can all help with leads for future jobs. Online networking using sites such as has also become popular.

Aside from personal connections, a great deal of job searching nowadays is done online. There are sites specifically for older adults, as well as many other top sites.

Crafting a Killer Resume17133595_m

For most jobs, a resume that will stand out is key to getting an interview. In addition, you will need to tailor your resume to fit the industry in which you’re applying to jobs. Once again, networking can be important. Having a friend within the industry look at your resume and provide feedback is a great idea.

Sure, you have lots of experience and a lot of achievements, but in most industries, your resume shouldn’t go on for pages. Instead, think highlights and bullet points, and avoid unnecessary sections such as hobbies. Check out Forbes’ tips to learn more.

Whatever your field of interest, choose a job you’re passionate about. Whether it’s the challenge, the people or feeling that you’re making a real difference, having a passion for what you do will help keep you motivated and satisfied.


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