September is Happy Cat Month
Celebrate with Your Favorite Feline

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Humans and cats have been friends for a very long time. Both the ancient Egyptians and Romans held great reverence for cats as pets and symbols. Some scientists speculate that the domestication of cats began over 12,000 years ago. Some say that cats are even more popular than dogs.

With September dedicated to the celebration of the relationship between man and feline, here are a few ways you can enjoy time with your housecatseptember-is-cat-month.

Update Your Cat’s Supplies. Depending on how long you’ve been with your cat, it may be time to pick up some new gear. Sure, you may already have a water dish, food dish, or litter box, but maybe they’ve seen better days… Happy Cat Month is the excuse you need to splurge on the new stuff.

Make Dinner Time Playtime. Obesity in cats is a big problem. If your cat is looking less lean than you’d like, turn food into fun. Try hiding meals around your home and let your cat find them. Or, pick up a toy that releases kibble in small doses. Both of these activities will encourage your cat to move, remain active, and stay in shape.

Problem Solve. It’s great to make your cat happy during the month of September, but how about something that will make them happier for the long-term? Identify a problem and work on a solution together. Pet carriers, as an example, are a common source of anxiety for felines. Use your time together in September to help your cat acclimate in small sessions.

happy-cat-monthVisiting the Vet. Have you been putting off that trip to the vet? This is a great time to get the veterinarian check-ups you’ve been stalling. Ensure your furry friends are up-to-date with their shots, chipped, and at their proper weight. If you find that a lifestyle change may be in order, there’s no better time to start than Happy Cat Month.

Toys! Cats love toys. And scratching posts. And things to climb. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to buy a few new pieces for your kitty’s toy box, this is that excuse. Spoil them, they’re worth it.

No matter how you celebrate, enjoy your cat-time this month, and in the months to come. Don’t have a cat? Here are several reasons why you should