Skiing/Snowboarding 101

Health & Well Being

skiingTypically, ski season begins in November and wraps up around April. That means you still have a few months left to strap on your boots and enjoy some time in the snow. If you’ve never been skiing or snowboarding, or haven’t been in a long while, this blog will introduce you to some of the things you need to know to get started.

You Are Young Enough

Though it may appear intensive, there is no “right age” to learn how to ski or snowboard. There are several examples of people who have started enjoying the slopes in the later years of their life, and even some who continued after turning 100 years old! Skiing and snowboarding are sports that involve mental, physical, social, and emotional aspects of well-being. Not only is this sport incredibly fun, but it can enhance your balance, coordination, and joint-strengthening among many other things. In other words: it can be good for you right now.

Planning for the Slopes

First things first: get in shape. Skiing and snowboarding are more enjoyable experiences if you’re physically fit. You don’t have to be the form of a Greek god, but should be living a generally healthy lifestyle. Next, be sure that you have the right equipment, including skis or boards, boots, bindings, and clothes. Not sure? Ask an expert. There are multiple resources online and even more in the shops, resorts, and stores that sell and rent this equipment. These resources exist to help you. And though it may seem counterintuitive, you’ll want to wear sunscreen and sunglasses (or tinted goggles) to avoid any burns caused by the sun reflecting off of the snow.

The most common-sense piece of advice you should consider is this: take a lesson. A little guidance can go a long way and almost every ski resort offers classes for beginners of any age.

15436473_mJoin a Community

The only thing that may be more fun than skiing and snowboarding alone is skiing and snowboarding with a group. Not only is this the safest way to hit the slopes your first few times, but by sharing the trip with friends you will make memories to share for years to come. There are multiple online communities that you and your friends can join to help you plan, prepare, and ask questions amongst a community of like-minded individuals of similar age.

The above information is meant to get you started as you begin planning your trip. As always, consult your physician and experienced experts before jumping on skis or a snowboard for the first time. Safety first! And if you love the snow but aren’t too keen on skiing or snowboarding, check out AARP’s list of 10 Ski Trip Activities for Non-Skiers.