Springtime Fun With the Grandkids
Grab your grandchildren for the perfect spring outings, crafts and creations.

Leisure Pursuits

3459000_mSpring is bursting with color, warmth, life and a million of fun things to do! Don’t waste another second and get out there for some fun in the sun with your grandchildren.

Take advantage of springtime with these suggestions for each age group.


  1. Pick flowers. Take a nature walk, and pick a few freshly bloomed flowers – admire their shapes and colors, and bring them home to put in water.
  2. Visit the zoo. Take a trip to the local zoo to see the baby animals. Help them learn the names of the animals and the sounds they make.
  3. Enjoy spring produce. Pick up seasonal fruits and vegetables, and make them into creations that are as fun to look at as they are to eat.

Elementary age:

  1. Plant things. Pick out seeds or purchase seedlings, and plant them together to watch them grow. Let the kids help with care. Choose colorful flowers or vegetables you can later eat together!
  2. Go camping. Whether it’s sleeping in the backyard under the stars, pitching a tent or taking the RV out for a weekend outing, elementary age is the perfect time to introduce kids to the joys of camping. Bring cards, board games or sporting equipment to entertain yourselves without electronics.
  3. Feed the birds. Work with them to pick out a birdfeeder design and create it. Then, watch the birds of all colors and sizes visit. As new baby birds learn to fly, expect to see them stop by for a snack.

Tweens and teens:11239085_m

  1. Go to a baseball game. Whether it’s the majors or minors, watching a live baseball game is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon together. If you both enjoy playing a sport, that’s another great springtime option.
  2. Plan an outing. Does your grandchild have a particular interest, such as music, dance, art or science? Plan an outing to a performance, gallery or museum.
  3. Create something together. Depending on the child’s age and interest, consider tie-dying clothes, creating small stained-glass pieces, or doing woodworking or jewelry projects together. There are many arts and crafts projects great for tweens and teens, and the results can make for a great mother’s or father’s day gift.

Planning activities with your grandchildren can be fun for both of you. Involve them in choosing the activity that interests them most.

Remember to foster these special relationships with your grandchildren; it will continue to grow with each passing year!


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