Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone
Whether it’s Dancing, Dating or Jumping from a Plane, Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone Can Offer Multiple Rewards.

try something new “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you stop to look fear in the face,” said Eleanor Roosevelt.

While that quote may conjure grand images of facing momentous fears, stepping outside your comfort zone, even in seemingly minor ways, can produce those same feelings of strength, courage and confidence.

It’s Good for You
For some, stepping outside of their comfort zone means paragliding or bungee jumping, while for others it’s going on a date or learning to dance.

“By stepping outside our usual repertoire of activity or responses, we may discover parts of ourselves that we could not have recognized otherwise,” explains Tricia Brady, Ph.D. “While reflecting on significant memories, people describe those points on their personal timeline in which they moved outside their comfort zone as points of definition that impacted the course of their lives because they are reflections of a growth spurt in their own character development that was exhilarating and gratifying.”

Not only does stepping outside your comfort feel great once it’s been accomplished, it’s good for your brain. Doing new things helps prevent cognitive decline and keep your mind sharp.

Take the Leap
Is there something you’ve always wanted to do or try, but it’s outside your comfort zone? It may be scary to think of actually doing it, but once it’s underway and ultimately accomplished, you’ll be glad you tried.

While everyone’s comfort zone is different, peruse this list and see which ideas are good matches for you, then take the leap! Be sure to check with your doctor prior to trying any new physical

get out of your comfort zone


  • Sign up for a class in something you’ve always wanted to learn or try, like dance, art or a new language – the possibilities are endless.
  • If you’re single and interested in dating, go for it! Whether friends introduce you, you meet online, or there’s someone you know but just haven’t asked, taking the first step and going on that first date will make the next one easier.
  • Get out and do something that interests you – whether it’s hiking, participating in a sport or anything else. You might even want to join a group, team or club and try the activity with other like-minded individuals, meeting new friends in the process.
  • If you have wanderlust, plan a trip! If you’d like to be extra adventurous, solo travel is on the rise and gaining popularity!
  • For true thrill seekers, look into that daring adventure that’s been calling your name, find a highly rated provider and take the plunge.

When it comes to stepping out of your comfort zone, the benefits and rewards far outweigh the hesitation in trying something new. By facing a fear, however large or seemingly small, you’ll emerge with a new sense of confidence and accomplishment.


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