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Cooking Classes Offer a World of Possibility, From Learning to Roll Sushi to Preparing Gluten-Free Meals and More.

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taking a cooking class
Whether you love to cook or just love to eat, taking a cooking class with a friend, your partner, or by yourself can be a fun way to try something new. You can bring home recipes and skills you can enjoy for years to come.

The rise in televised cooking shows has created an increased interest in cooking classes for all types of food. If you’ve ever considered taking a cooking class, read on for information about what you can learn and where to find a great class.

Why Take a Cooking Class?

While everyone has their own reasons for signing up, here are a few benefits of taking a cooking class:

  • Learn how to cook a specific type of food.
  • Do something fun with a significant other or friend.
  • Learn to cook a special meal for a partner or family member.
  • Learn to cook for your health, such as learning to cook low fat, gluten free or for diabetics.
  • Save money. For example, sushi is expensive, so some people learn to prepare sushi themselves.

Where to Find a Good Class

If any of the above reasons strike a chord with you, the next step is to find a class that meets your needs. Here are a few good ways to find cooking classes in your area:

    • Start with an Internet search, such as typing your city name plus the words “cooking class” into a search engine. If you’re looking for a health related class, such as cooking classes for diabetics, add those key words to your search.
    • Look for classes at local community colleges, adult education centers, and culinary schools.
    • Check the offerings at local high-end hotels and resorts. Many resorts offer cooking classes that are open to locals as well.
    • Look to local gourmet and health food stores and grocery stores.
    • enjoy cooking with family and friendsFollow chefs you like (from TV shows, restaurants and cookbooks) online to see if they ever offer cooking classes in your area or at their restaurants.
    • Don’t forget to ask friends, family members and employees at your favorite gourmet stores for recommendations. Sometimes word of mouth is the best tool for finding a great class.

Once you find classes that are of interest, don’t be shy about asking questions prior to signing up. One of the most important things to find out is whether the class is a demonstration or hands-on. Demonstration classes may just feature the chef cooking and talking, with samples. If your goal is to learn to cook it yourself, you may prefer a hands-on class, where you get to do the cooking and preparing yourself.

A Cooking Vacation

Many people are taking their love of food on the road as well: Vacations and travel locations that include cooking classes or food tours are all on the rise. For those who love to cook and eat, it seems the world really is your oyster!


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