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Apps for Boomers

Leisure Pursuits

41939061_mChances are that these days you’re using a smart phone, or a tablet, or both. Many people use these devices to make phone calls, play games, or read books. There are, however, tons of useful applications for this wondrous technology that you may be unaware of!

Money Saving Apps

Who doesn’t want to save a few bucks here and there? It’s easy to turn your smartphone into a penny-pinching wonder with just a few clicks. There are apps that can scan the barcode of an item and compare prices against online merchants. If you use email to find deals, there are apps that will scan through your email and collect those deals in one, easy-to-find place. Coupon collecting apps are a no-brainer if you’d like to quit clipping ads. And there’s even an app that will keep all of your shopping membership cards on your phone, making it easy to save wherever you are. To see specific information on these apps and more, read AARP’s Free Apps That Save You Money.

Travelling Apps

For some people, travelling is the least favorite part of a vacation – the destination is the fun part! Planning a trip, sitting in an airport, or finding a place to stay can feel like work. Thankfully, there are apps to help you through all of those things! If you need to book a flight, try an app that shows you available seats and rates them by comfort. Curious what items you can and can’t get through an airport? There’s an app you can use before you pack. If you need to book a last-minute hotel reservation, keep track of your flight status, or even find a local restaurant that isn’t too busy for a quick bite, there are apps for those situations too. There are even a series of applications from the Centers for Disease Control to help you travel safely. Head over to Samantha Brown’s Travel Apps to read up on more must-have apps.

Music (Caregiving) Apps

If you’re a caregiver, you probably know the power music can have on your loved ones. While many people play music on their smart phones and tablets, not all are aware of the range of apps available. For example, there are apps that can allow you to isolate music or voices from favorite songs to allow for a bit of singing fun. Several radio apps will allow you to craft stations specific to the music you or your loved ones enjoy the most. Apps that produce white noise and the sounds of nature can also be valuable when you are looking for something more calming. These apps, or ones like them, are readily available in your application store of choice.

34559679_mCooking Apps

Do you love to cook? Enjoy trying new foods? There are a ton of apps for that. From apps designed around recipes for particular ingredients, to apps that collect thousands of curated or user-shared recipes, your smart phone or tablet could be the cookbook you’ve always wanted. Several apps are free, and some require a few dollars for the full-versions, but almost all of them offer a unique angle to their cooking methodology. To find the app that’s right for your kitchen, read AARP’s 5 Smartphone Apps Bring Out Your Inner Chef.

Health & Well-Being Apps

There are almost too many types of health-related applications to name… Almost. Here are a handful of types you may be interested in:

Smart phones and tablets have become one of the most used pieces of modern technology. When used to the extent of their capabilities, these devices can provide a great many services across a wide variety of functions. There are far more than what is listed here, but it’s a good place to start!