Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas
Three Ways to Enhance Your Pumpkins

Leisure Pursuits

woven natural wreath with acorns and pine conesGrab the supplies from your closet and start decorating for the holidays! Thanksgiving is just around the corner and while many people already have some festive fall decor like pumpkins and gourds, it’s time to give them a fresh twist. If you’ve left some pumpkins uncarved, gather them up for a new way to make them stand out.


Paint it Up

Turn your acorns, pumpkins, or leaves into works of art with just a few coats of paint. Pick out a seasonal color that will coordinate well with any other Thanksgiving or holiday décor you may have. Metallic gold looks wonderful and rustic with a variety of colors. If you love using chalk paint, you will adore the way it looks on a centerpiece. Invite some friends and family over for an evening of crafting, so that everyone can create a freshly painted decoration to display at home.


Play with your Food

Remember what your mother told you not to do at the dinner table? Well, it’s time to ignore that advice and have fun! Pumpkins make for a great “snowman” with a little bit of paint, glue, and markers. Using a white variety of pumpkin will allow you to avoid the painting step. Simply draw a pair of eyes onto the head of your snowman, then glue a carrot or parsnip for the nose.


autumn rustic pumpkin bouquet with dried foliage

Create Your Own Centerpiece

Pumpkins can make for gorgeous flower displays. For this, it may be better to use a hollow faux pumpkin so that it lasts longer and you won’t have to carve out the center of a real one. Gather dried leaves, branches, and different colored flowers (particularly fall tones like orange, red, or white). The combination of these colors with your pumpkin will make a perfect centerpiece for any dinner table.


There are so many ways to repurpose decorations throughout the changing seasons. With a little imagination and creativity, your home will be filled with inspiring crafts your friends and family will love.